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Gaotye (bilibili DD)

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  • I've noticed that your English has markedly improved. Few, if any, machine translation artifacts left.

    Reps, you did them. Have a Shiori:

    I must explain these things clearly, because they are verified facts by myself. Believe it or not👐

    it should be the infighting in Bilibili's live broadcasting department,
    the improper behavior of the person in charge of the public account,
    the irresponsibility of the Bilibili platform,The failure of Hololive Cn's business activities、
    Several MCN companies "落井下石" behavior(Twist the Knife),
    Some bilibili video authors should also be held responsible for rumour-mongering and spreading rumors.
    There have also been various violations against Hololive on other platforms, including YouTube.”
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    Gaotye (bilibili DD)
    Gaotye (bilibili DD)
    ③the irresponsibility of the Bilibili platform

    After the incident, bilibili did not remove some of the videos of the defamatory up, but instead made them appear on the trending charts.

    The video(The original video has been deleted) has been viewed more than 6.7 million times on bilibili, but 80% of the information in it is false and biased。
    The reason for Hololive's poor operation in bilibili is blindly attributed to disrespect for China, and Hololive is even accused of provoking the Chinese audience

    There are many such videos,
    but they are never properly addressed by bilibili. Arguably, the biggest driver of the whole Hololive affair is the selfishness and inaction of bilibili's management.
    Jesus why are you so fucking obsessed with this shit bro? If Holo is coming back to china it's not gonna be some "le hidden secret" thing and everyone would know that very same day. This is obviously just bili and their users trying to gayop a Holo return or post Holo videos without permission and claim it's legit.
    How many Chinese fans Aqua has now? Its always kinda funny to me that everything went wrong for Holo with China when she was at her peak and prime of popularity.
    Gaotye (bilibili DD)
    Gaotye (bilibili DD)
    It's worth explaining in detail, and I'm going to tell you a fact that you probably don't know.

    In fact, even before Aqua left bilibili, she became the most popular japanese streamer in bilibili.But when the incident happened, crazy people took over the official Aqua account and vented a lot of self-righteous things on it.This resulted in hololive leaving the bilibili market。
    Gaotye (bilibili DD)
    Gaotye (bilibili DD)
    However, it soon became difficult to find a replacement with Aqua's influence, and People don't reflect on their mistakes。hololive's departure was regarded as a "shameful betrayal" and it was only right that Aqua should graduate from hololive.(This is called "get it or destroy it.")

    People are constantly looking for negative news about Aqua, making dirty jokes, spreading rumors and discrediting what Aqua has done, and Take vile pleasure in hate.
    For example, minato “ 湊” means water “水” in Japanese, and bilibili users referred to Aqwa as "泔水”(It means "swill”)
    Gaotye (bilibili DD)
    Gaotye (bilibili DD)
    This made Aqua's original fans in bilibili very angry and most of them left the place altogether. But none of this has stopped the unscrupulous rumormongers to this day.
    When no one corrects, the rumor becomes the truth。

    Most people only remember Aqua as a bad person and a traitor, and there is even a tone of forgiveness: even though Aqua offended us, we still love her.:sick:🤮🤮
    If they don't leave bilibili or turn on YouTube and see for themselves what hololive has become, they may never figure it out.(YouTube is not available in China)
    Explain in detail what I mean by "abstract" in my previous post.

    It is essentially due to the lack of soil and excellent works in the Chinese entertainment market, people have a strong curiosity about the form of VTB content, but are afraid of conformism. It leads to an endless deconstruction of the new culture, but does little to create it, or merely exploits the audience's patience for its own gain

    The most obvious is the reaction to the hype, when people find out that creating negative emotions and playing soft porn can bring traffic, and instead of using that traffic to produce higher quality content, they continue to waste viewers' patience just to make money for themselves。

    At Bilibili, this has become a template for everyone to follow. When VTBS all use similar video covers, bad titles, and humiliating content to attract traffic, viewers will naturally get bored.

    What they end up with is a shallow audience who are just out to vent and have a little fun, who have no interest whatsoever in hardcore virtual content, and VTB's truly engaging characteristics thoroughly flow into kitsch thoroughly.
    Let me introduce myself. I am a Chinese VTB viewer. Previously seen vtbs on bilibili for a while, but has now fully focused on hololive.

    The main reason for giving up was that I was fed up with the boredom of closed market the increasingly abstract local creative environment.

    (My wording may sometimes seem strange, but that is because I use a translator. Please forgive me.......)
    One problem for virtual streamers on bilibili is that the local market is too closed . Abstract content is catching on faster than mainstream hardcore content.
    As a result, the local audience gradually disregarded the pure content, the size of the fan community becomes more and more niche, losing the ability to attract new fans.and the creators could not get a stable income from it, and ultimately failed to fed back the industry。:unsure:

    New projects and new steamers do not have the power to reverse the decline of the entire market with a steady stream of high-quality output.
    La+ de Central Norte
    La+ de Central Norte
    What about VirtuaReal?
    The Rrat
    The Rrat
    Isn't China trying to discourage VTubers, too? They had that ad thing that seemed to directly disparage VTubers.
    Gaotye (bilibili DD)
    Gaotye (bilibili DD)
    virtualreal is ostensibly a joint venture between bilibili and nijisanji, but is in fact wholly owned by bilibili. Just using nijisanji's reputation.

    They operate at a very amateur level and have debuted total of 20 teams of members in three years.The probability of graduation is very high, close to 50%, and several of the project's popular anchors are known for their extreme abstraction.😔

    bilibili may intend to replicate the success of hololive and nijisanji, but it clearly ignores Japan's high-quality creative environment and inclusive and open international platform. A lot of money has been invested, but little has been achieved。
    In short, this is not a viable project, and they will gradually decline as bilibili declines
    If you have any questions, you can always ask them to me;)

    May think the time zone problem is a little delayed, please be patient
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