"Seriously chat, whilst she's gone off the room, I really don't know how do you put up with... uh Rin lol At least you don't have to live with her like I do, maybe we could try and get her to move out, even if she moved to the shed in the garden, she's absolutely hopeless in the house; She doesn't even know what recycling is, can't put anything in the bin, doesn't know what a washing machine is, doesn't make her bed, full of toys, absolutely full of toys, doesn't even drive; You'd think she'd work all this work out before she came on stream, oh here she comes. We all decided it would be a really good idea if you moved to Siberia"Gin Penrose
  • Kson, legendary trailblazing pioneer of vtubing exercises the glorious talent freedom she is empowered with as part of unparrelled cutting-edge corporation vHoeShow by getting tenga merch.
  • It's our first month off the cloud and expenses are now much lower than before. However, donations are still important. Instead of paying for hosting costs, anything over the new maintainence requirements will go towards projects intended to improve the site or enhance our brand recognition.
  • I've started a list of vtuber/streamer management agencies. Please help me to build on this as an effort to make this site a good repository of knowledge for both vtubers and their viewers.
  • We are now running Threadmarks Pro. This is effectively a community-driven version of thread highlights.

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